Dame Joan Sutherland Award

Dame Joan SutherlandWe are fortunate to have Lisa Gasteen, our guest judge for the 2008 Award, take the place of the late Margreta (Greta) Elkins on our judging panel.

As reported in 2008, with the blessing of Dame Joan, it was decided to make this a biennial event.

Since then, Susan Beaver, Chairman of the DJS Awards, and her diligent team have dispatched posters and entry forms to every conservatorium in Australia, as well as significant singing teachers throughout the land.

The event will also be added to websites on the 'net representing scholarships and awards.

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Anthony Camden Fund

Anthony Camden Fund

The Queensland Symphony Orchestra recently held their annual Young Musician of the Year Competition.

Lilly Camden, Chairman of the Anthony Camden Fund, reports that the recipient for the Primavera violin is Sally Law, who played so well, but in dire need of a better violin (she didn't win). She is a year 10 student at the Somerville house.

Lilly said, "I liked her playing very much and you will like her too, a nice girl and a very promising young violinist. Should get her to play in Noosa, she will melt everyone's heart".

Contact the Anthony Camden Fund.


The Dame Joan Sutherland Award Vocal Competition will be held at 5pm Thursday 24th June 2010 at the Good Shepherd Hall, 115 Eumundi Road, Noosaville.

It is part of the Noosa Longweekend.

Breaking News

Anthony Camden FundIt may have taken a little while, but we can now report that negotiations are almost complete to place our Anthony Camden Fund instruments with the Australian Instrument Bank administered by the Music Council of Australia.

The quid pro quo is that the AIB gains prestigious instruments and we gain a broader field of exposure.

Lilly Camden and Dick LettsPictured are Dick Letts, Chairman of the Music Council of Australia and the International Music Council based in Paris, and Lilly Camden, Chair of the Anthony Camden Fund.

We are still hoping to purchase the magnificent Cappelini Cello for the Fund. Lilly is holding the last instrument made by the revered Cremonese lutaio, Roberto Cappelini, who is now in his eighties. We have to raise a further $22,000 (full price $33,000).

Some of you may remember Dale Rickert playing the beautiful Cappelini in a concert at Noosa Blue Resort some years ago.

Contact the Anthony Camden Fund.

Newsletter - Spring / Summer 2009-2010

Paris - Here We Come!

Miracles Do Happen


No matter what you have read in the media, here are the facts—in brief.

In 2007 Noosa was granted Biosphere status by UNESCO.  4 years later, in January of this year, Deb Perry sought the support of the Biosphere Sector Board for NFA.  Repeated calls to the Board were neither returned nor acknowledged.

In April, after more lobbying by Deb, the Board invited us to make an application. We did and in May we received a letter stating that we didn’t fit their criteria.   When asked what their criteria was we were told that they didn’t have one! (this statement appears in their minutes).

And now for the miracle...

Six weeks ago we were invited to meet the Director of Science and Ecology, Dr.  Natarajan Ishwaran, and Mr Ken Wiltshire, AO, PhD,JD Storey Professor of Public Administration, UQ Business School in Brisbane to present our concept.  We were scheduled to have a 30 minute meeting.   

However, they wanted to hear more and invited us to discuss it further over dinner.  End result, an invitation to present our concept in Paris to other Biospheres.

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You Are Needed - Yes You!

When you contribute to the Noosa Federation of the Arts, you are not simply putting money into our bank account. Your money is far reaching, because...

Without you there would be no Noosa Federation of the Arts. Without you there would be no incentives for schools leavers. Without you there would be no opportunity for young talented musicians. Without you there would not be a Dame Joan Sutherland Award. Without you there would be no encouragement for young jazz musicians through the Rick Farbach Scholarship, no Schools Instrument Bank and no Anthony Camden Fund.

Without you we would have no one to thank for all of the above.

If you have a friend who would like to join our merry philanthropic band, please contact us for an application form.

International Musicians Star In Noosa

International pianist, Kayo Asahina, and clarinettist Chitaru Asahina, conductor of the Kobe Philharmonic Orchestra, presented a one-off diverse performance of the romantics in the glorious atrium at beautiful ‘Mykonos’ in Sunshine Beach.

Kayo and Chitaru

Both Kayo and Chitaru hail from Kyoto in Japan, where they share illustrious musical careers. Renowned for their talent as classical musicians, the pair performed the Romantics, plus Japan’s beloved “Sakura, Sakura” – The Cherry Blossom song.

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Iain MacLean, Chairman of the Schools Instrument Bank

has just released a CD "Behind Bars" Showcase featuring tracks from such favourite local performers as Hetty van Wyk, Brian King, Sherelle Guest, Erol Johnston, Iain, of course, and many more.

Iain is making it available as a fund-raiser for NFA.

If you would like a copy, please contact us.

An Art Innovation

newsletter09_05The best ideas come from good company and good  wine and The Archie’s and Friends was one of them.

Whilst Deb Perry and artist Helen Lawson shared a fine red  over a long business meeting  one Noosa day the subject of art (strange that)  took centre stage.

Being artistically marooned in Queensland and longing to see The Archibald and other celebrated national art awards, they came to the realisation that they had to create their own  and support  our own  talented and valued artists. Hence the Archie's and Friends were born.

Not content with just one national art prize, they decided to include a few others,  the Wynne, Sulman and Moran Prizes came along for the ride as well.

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Events to Look Forward to...

Dame Joan Sutherland Award, mammoth auction, recital by Sally Law, winner of the Primavera Violin through the QSO Young Musician of the Year Competition, AGM, recital/Xmas function with the winner of the 2010 Dame Joan Sutherland Award, and more.

With regard to our mammoth auction, we would be pleased to accept items which could help us swell our coffers-works of art, trinkets, etc. If you have anything to donate please contact the Dame Joan Sutherland Award team.

Dennis Glen Cello

Dennis Glen CelloA grant from the Casino Gambling Fund and a generous donation from Toni Glen enabled us to purchase this Davidoff Strad Cello copy as an addition to our Schools Instrument Bank.

Pictured: Pat Hahn & Iain MacLean with the Dennis Glen Cello