Philanthropists all

I would like you to realize that you are all philanthropists.

Without your support, both morally and financially, none of the above would be possible. With your help we are contributing to the careers of the artists of tomorrow.

Thank you all

Do You Remember...

Our very first black tie dinner at the Sheraton? Piers Lane was our special guest. He played for us and told stories about the Sheiks of the Emirates and their Xmas parties. We found it hard to get “bums on seats” because nobody knew Piers then!!

Another black tie event was Jane Rutter, who filled the dining room AND the annex when she performed for us.

Do you remember when the Queensland Phil played for us conducted by Nicholas Braithwaite and featuring Xong Dong Kong, the winner of the 6th International Piano Competition. We had to find a 9‘ Bosendorfer piano for him. However, the Steinway he played on in MacKay fell to bits as he was playing!!

..Our Strauss Balls ..Gillian Helfgott at The Attic ..the Russian and Irish nights we had at South Pacific ..our house parties where members opened their houses for fund raisers ..Alan Edwards and Hazel Phillips in “Nearly in the Box” ..the Storeyville Jazz Band recitals– ..Julian Lloyd Webber playing with the QPO ..Lorrae Desmond ..our failed attempt to raffle a car which had been kindly donated by BMW Coastline — we had to reimburse those people who had bought tickets. It gave Pat Hahn a terrible headache!!

We even had a stall (and the car) at the Caloundra races, selling the jolly thing. And, of course, our 12 years of the Dame Joan Sutherland Vocal Competition Award.

Ah, memories! But we have many more things in store for your enjoyment over the coming years. I hope you stay with us.

We need your physical and financial support if we are to continue with our youth programmes.

Biosphere Film Launch

We are officially launching our Man And Biosphere Travelling Film Exhibition at a cocktail party on 23rd October at the Outrigger Theatre, Little Hastings Street.. Guest of honour will be Dr Natajaran Ishwaran, Director of Eco & Science, UNESCO., to which you will be invited. Professor Ken Wiltshire, UQ and other VIP’s will also be attending. These are people who have been instrumental in assisting us with the project.

You will also have a chance to meet and mingle with the incredible film crew, headed by international producer and director, Richard McCarthy.

It is a small venue, with limited seating, so we suggest you book early if you want to become part of Noosa’s Biosphere history. It is $25 for members and $30 for non-members and friends. The evening will start with a cocktail party (cash bar) in the entertainment area, followed by the Exhibition in the theatre, followed by another cash bar.

We are using this as a fund raiser to help with the administration costs of the Exhibition. The Cultural Board is funding us to a certain degree, but we need to be able to pay for bits and pieces (including the food).

We will also be taking part (having a dry run so to speak) with our films, at Biosphere Day at Noosa Woods on September 19.

From Mirusia...

Received 28th October from Mirusia — 2006 winner Dame Joan Award

Hi Susan (Beaver)

thought I would write to you and send you an update of what I have been doing since the last time we emailed.

I have just returned from 5 days tuition with Horst Hoffmann in Tampa, Florida. It was such a delight to work with him again and to learn his wonderful craft. He is still singing wonderfully and is so young for his 76 years! He taught me a lot and we talked a lot about his career and Opera Australia and his colleagues including Marilyn Richardson and of course Dame Joan Sutherland.

I am about to start filming a new DVD with Andre Rieu. I am still working with him full time and living in Maastricht in The Netherlands. We have just returned from touring in Mexico and the USA. In November I will be performing in Belgium, Canada and the USA, so it’s still very busy for me and I am enjoying the experience and the travelling immensely.

I learn a lot and have many fans who follow me on my website and on Facebook. I hope to hear from you soon.

Please do let me know if there is ever anything I can do for the Foundation!

From Mirusia.

Merry Xmas and a fruitful New Year
From your Management Committee

Newsletter - First Quarter 2010

Paris At Last!

Emails have been flying through the internet over recent months organizing our visits to Biospheres in the UK, Europe and WA.

First stop is Devon and a meeting with Andy Bell, Chair of MAB (Man and Biosphere) in UK as well as manager of Braunton Burrows in North Devon. If you have access to the internet, this is a great site.

The purpose of the visit is to entice these Biospheres, or as many as possible, to contribute films or photographs to our International Biosphere Film and Photographic Festival to be launched in Noosa in September.

Newsletter - Third Quarter 2010

Birthday Celebrations

This year we celebrated our 20th birthday, and what a journey we have had: Queensland Orchestra concerts and Strauss Balls, international stars – Jane Rutter, Piers Lane, and Julian Lloyd-Webber, to name a few; film premieres; major art exhibitions...

The Dame Joan Sutherland Award is in its 13th year; the Rick Farbach Scholarship for a Young Jazz Musician in its 10th year; Schools Incentives are in their 18th year; and, believe it or not, the Schools Instrument Bank is in its 5th year, and the Anthony Camden Fund in its 4th year.

None of this could have happened without your generous support, both morally and financially, and of course without the help of our dedicated Committee members. Particularly our Vice Chairman and Treasurer, Pat Hahn who, with her husband Vince, have racked up fourteen years with NFA and without whose help we could not function.

Dame Joan Finalists - Where Are They Now?

Susan Beaver, Chairman, Dame Joan Sutherland Award, reports that:... Anna Whitehead, an unsuccessful past finalist has improved out of sight. and is applying again this year..

Last year she won the McDonald's Sun Aria ($25,000) plus a recording contract, beating Russell Harcourt, our last DJS winner.

Laurence Meikle runner up in the last DJS Award, is studying at the Royal Academy of Music, London, and landed a scholarship to study with Dame Kiri Te Kanawa.

Russell is at RAM with Laurence. He says he coaches regularly with Jonathan Papp who is very close with Kiri. But he has been told that, as a counter-tenor he would not be accepted in Kiri Te Kanawa's course. He says "it is not her area of specialisation nor any of her colleagues she brings in to work with the singers. Disappointing I know".

Russell is to sing "Messiah" in St Martins-in-the-field with the London Brandenburg Sinfonia conducted by Jeremy Jackman. He said it was his first, and was very much looking forward to it.

The Dame Joan Sutherland Award

Anna Whitehead, winner of this year’s Dame Joan Sutherland Award paid a compliment to its Chairman, Susan Beaver, when she wrote, “I write firstly to thank you for your tireless work in organising the Dame Joan Sutherland Award every two years”.

Organising the Award takes months of preparation. We start with meetings in November, send out notice of the Award in February to Conservatoriums and singing teachers throughout Australia. When the entries arrive Susan has to schedule the contestants for audition. Easy? Try martialling 39 singers to audition within a certain time bracket. When all is fixed, the calls come in “Hi Susan, I can’t get there at 3.30 Can you make it 4.30?” Susan then has to reschedule 38 contestants to accommodate the 4.30 change. Then another request comes in.

This happens even though the contestants have each been contacted as to which time is best for them. By the time the Finals arrive, Susan is ready to “commit hari kari”!

Susan is currently enjoying life overseas and spent time in London with our 2008 winner, counter-tenor Russell Harcourt who has almost completed his studies with the Royal Academy of Music. Russell has promised to sing for us when he returns next year. An event to look forward to.

Two Harps at Sunset a Triumph

lipman_duoSebastien & Sayo Lipman enchanted us with their harp concert at The Ebb Bar, Noosa Blue Resort, Saturday March 13.

Even though the weather was most inclement, sixty intrepid souls ventured forth to hear this magic duo, and to enjoy the convivial atmosphere always provided by Noosa Blue.

This was our first fund-raiser of the year for the Dame Joan Award 2010.

Be warned-there will be more!

Socialising and Raising Funds

We have had a very busy year with social and fundraising events which enable us to carry on our work with schools, incentives, continuing the **Schools Instrument Bank programme, the Rick Farbach Young Jazz Musician Scholarship, the Anthony Camden Fund, and our quest to purchase the most amazing Cappelini cello.
**To loosely quote a recent newspaper interview with a luthier in Brisbane, “many students give up playing an instrument because they think they are bad at it. 9 times out of 10 it is the instrument that is unplayable”. We give students hope.

Times are changing, and in order to grow and contribute to the community we have formed liaisons with the Noosa Biosphere Cultural Board, the Noosa longweekend, and now a new liaison.

Lilly Camden, Chairman of the Anthony Camden Fund, reports that the National Instrument Bank will start a partnership with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra Fellowship Programme by making instruments available to their Fellowship members selected each year. We will join this by making our Cappelini cello available. If you need more information there is a web site:

If there is no call for the Cappelini, then we will go outside the Fellowship Programme and award the cello to a worthy musician.

Why are we persisting with the Cappelini Cello? It is the last made by world famous 82-year-old Cremonese lutaio, Virgilio Cappelini—a legend in his own lifetime (similar to Stradivarius). It is a rare and beautiful instrument indeed and will reward the musicians who will be lucky enough to have it awarded to them.


It’s all very well to have a car, but it’s not much use without an engine, and so is an organisation. We have the body, but we need people to become interested in our committees – so if you can help in any way, please come forward. Our current committees are:

  • Dame Joan Sutherland Award
  • Schools Instrumet Bank,
  • Schools Incentives,
  • The Anthony Camden Fund,
  • The Rick Farbach
  • Scholarship for a Young Jazz Musician
  • International Travelling Film Exhibition
  • Art Exhibition & Curating
  • Fundraising & Social Committee

Schools Instrument Bank

SIB Chairman, Iain MacLean has been busy supervising the placement of the instruments held by the SIB.

This year two of the three cellos have been placed with Immanuel Yr 12 students, and one with Miriam Piechocinski, daughter of Adam Piechocinski, conductor of the Sunshine Coast Orchestra. The Hoffman flute is also with a Yr 12 student at Immanuel.

The Davidoff-Strad violin has been awarded to Anna Mine from Buderim, a student of Adam Piechocinski.

Can you help? We are in need of more worthwhile instruments for talented students. You might have a friend who has "hung up her/his violin, cello, bass" for the duration and would be pleased to know that a young student is gaining the experience of playing an above-standard instrument.

Quite often it is the quality of the instrument which makes the difference between winning or losing a competition.

Contact the Schools Instrument Bank.