My goodness, we’re nearly 3/4 the way through 2012 and we are well advanced with plans for June 2013… because… we are going to have another Strauss Ball!!

We’re all very excited at the prospect. Mark June 22 in your diary and practice your terpsichorean agility. It’s part of the Noosa Longweekend. We are calling it Viennafest (a play on Oktoberfest) with Strauss and Friends.

The 50-piece Sunshine Coast Symphony Orchestra will play our favourite Strauss tunes.

The first 40 minutes will be a feast of orchestral Strauss, then we will take to the dance floor after an interval of Sacher Torte and Viennese coffee, (or wines if you prefer), and dance to the dreamy strains of The Blue Danube Waltz, or leap around to the strains of the Trisch Trasch Polka.

It is going to be great fun.

Dress in national costume, full evening attire, or Noosa casual. Please - no rubber soles, thongs or singlets!

Noosa has a long relationship with Strauss. Phillip Farbach, the great uncle of Rick Farbach, wrote the Radestzsky March. Strauss claimed that he only transcribed it. The families are still arguing..

A note from Lilly Camden, Chairman of the Anthony Camden Fund

This year David Freisberg is again having the loan of the beautiful Capellini cello. Here is a brief progress report after getting some updates from his mother: David is going well and enjoying his lessons with Patrick Murphy, a very good cello teacher at the University of Queensland, and a good friend of mine. David got to play at a master class for members of the Takacs string quartet as part of a trio. That was a highlight. David has also done several performances at University of Queensland. He has been selected as finalist for a new competition organised by Emin Tagiev- The Brisbane International Youth Festival The administrator for the National Instrument Bank(NIB) left late last year, and recently a replacement has been found, I have yet to meet that person. Because of the change over, I have decided not to process new loans until the admin is in order, therefore the Primavera violin has been resting.

The winner of this year’s Queensland Symphony Youth Concerto is Sally Law, a brilliant young violinist from Somerville House, she had a violin on loan to her from the NIB, a mid 19th century French violin by Pichon. Sally will be auditioning for the Julliard School of Music early next year.

I have also set up a relationship with the Sydney Symphony Fellowship program, for NIB to arrange loans of instruments to any players in need. Currently, Lucy Warren (who by chance bought her violin from me when I first set up business in Brisbane and still using it until recently), is now using a violin by renowned Australian maker A.E. Smith, through the NIB.

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One Enchanted Afternoon

Was held in the delightful home of Amanda and Richard McCarthy at Verrierdale. This was an outstanding success. The star of the performance was Counter tenor, Russell Harcourt, winner of the 2008 Dame Joan Award. He enchanted everyone with his unique voice.

I had coffee with Russell at Covent Garden in London recently. He is looking forward to his performance in Sydney in November. May I suggest that if any of you happen to be in Sydney in November, you make the effort to see his performance on stage. He is quite impressive.


We will try and squeeze in one more concert between now and Christmas, however, entertainment gets a bit hectic around this time of year which makes things a bit impossible to schedule. But we'll try.

Meg Lawrence, Chairman.

Anthony Camden Fund

While I was overseas, Pat Hahn and her band of “merry men” organised a fund-raiser at the Sheraton featuring a young teen prodigy, David Freisberg. From all reports it was an outstanding success.

David was the cello finalist in Queensland Young Musician competition organised by the Queensland Orchestra held earlier this year. He is a budding Yo Yo Ma. His peers consider him to be “awesome” – out of the mouths of babes!

He has been playing the cello since he was just old enough to hold one! Born in Darwin (NT) to a musical family. David‘s Mum was his first teacher. Now he studies with noted cellist, Mei Lee Stocker. Under her guidance he completed his AMusA in 2008 (Distinction) and his L Mus A (2011).

This remarkable 17-year-old has participated in many performances and Eisteddfods, winning prizes both as a solo player and as a member of his school’s ensembles. Amongst these, David was awarded the Peter Campbell bursary (Queensland Youth Music Awards) and first place in the AUSTA Concerto Competition. For the past two years David has been chosen as a finalist in the Young Instrumentalists Competition and performed at the Final’s Recital.

David is in Year 12 at John Paul College, where he holds a full Music Scholarship.

What does his future hold? An outstanding career in music. He wants to perform with an orchestra and teach.

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Newsletter - Spring / Summer 2011

Two Winning Gents


Stars of Opera Queensland‘s 2011 production of Cosi Fan Tutti have a thing or two in common.

Virgilio Marino and Shaun Brown are both Dame Joan Sutherland Award winners. Shaun in 1999 and Virgilio in 2007. Virgilio also won the People‘s Choice Award.

Anyone lucky enough to have seen this witty production will recall the way in which these two stars enhanced their roles with their own brand of comedy.

(left) Virgilio Marino (right) Shaun Brown
Photo courtesy Opera Queensland

Photographer: Ian Golding

Dame Joan Sutherland Vocal Award

newsletter09_08Although Richard Bonynge has give us his blessing to continue, unfortunately, the global downturn has hit us too. Due to lack of a major sponsor, we are putting the award into recess for two years.

In the meantime, we are constantly endeavouring to attract a sponsor, plus hold many fund-raising events. I hope we have your support so that we can resume this most important event in 2014.

Incidentally, four of our past Dame Joan winners and finalists were 7/8th‘s of the cast of the recent Opera Queensland production of Cosi Fan Tutti. (see main article).

Shaun Brown was our very first winner in 1999 with a first prize of $1,000. Virgilio Marino was our 2007 winner with a prize of $15,000. Also in the cast were Emily Burke and Sam Hartley, both DJS finalists, so most of you will have heard them sing.

The Year That Was...

In the last 12 months we have concentrated on schools, schools incentives, and the Anthony Camden Fund...

In General

While Dame Joan will go into recess, every other programme will continue - our Schools Incentives, whereby we give $200 to each of our High Schools for Year 12 Graduates, our Schools Instrument Bank will continue, as will the Anthony Camden Fund which is now aligned with the Australian Music Council with headquarters in Paris, and the Rick Farbach Scholarship for a Young Jazz Musician.

The film, Biosphere will be featured again at this year‘s Biosphere Day in September). And the Biosphere Board has made a submission to UNESCO in Bruxelles, using our film to illustrate what they have been doing. It is at present being shown in the Great Sandy Straits Biosphere, having been returned after a showing in WA.

While on the subject of Biosphere, NFA accepted an invitation to become a partner of the Biosphere Board Ltd.. 10 Associations were invited, each awarded a certificate. This means that we‘re all pulling together and will help each other in each of our endeavours.

NFA has also been invited by the Biosphere Board Ltd to take part in their radio broadcasts from FM101.3. The first was on Friday 28th October, between 10.20 and 10.30am. The second will be between 11.37 and 11.47am on 9th December, 2011.

Schools Instrument Bank

With regard to the schools, Iain MacLean has been the guiding hand behind the Schools Instrument Bank.

During the year he attended the Junior Eisteddfod over 3 days and two nights, a total of 36 hours and “God knows”, he said, “how many times I heard the same bit of music”. He said that there was so much talent in the competition, he has been busy organising concerts featuring the top half dozen.

The “Kreisler” violin and the signature “Davidoffstrad” cello will stay with the current students during 2012 as both have major events during this time and love the instruments. He will leave the Hoffmann flute at Immanuel.

Helen Sutherland must be thanked for her input into the Schools programme, but has had to retire due to untoward circumstances.

We’re 21! and it’s Xmas

We will turn twenty one on the 9th November 2011, having been incorporated on that date in 1990

We‘re holding our birthday party a little early to coincide with our traditional Christmas Party, which we hope you can all come to. Your friends are welcome too. The more the merrier.

It is on Friday, 4th November— 4.30— 6.30pm at South Pacific Resort, 179 Weyba Road, Noosaville.

We‘ll have our traditional ham, with cheese and baguettes.

Also, we will have the pleasure of being entertained by Mai Yamanaka the recipient of our “Kreisler” violin. Mai will be accompanied by her Mum, Momi, a brilliant pianist in her own right. She might even be persuaded to play for us too.