Dame Joan Leaves Legacy

Music memorabilia to help fund-raise for DJS Award 2017.


Dame Joan TreasuresWe have acquired seven original manuscripts owned and signed by the late Dame Joan Sutherland. 

Donated by  her husband, Richard Bonynge, the manuscripts are estimated to sell from around $200  to $1,000 and include songs ‘Love Everlasting’, Mozart’s ‘Tortures Unabating’ and Verdi’s ‘Otello’.


We feel extremely honoured to have been given this priceless memorabilia all of which contain Dame Joan’s signature and her hand written notes altering the music or lyrics to suit her voice.


The manuscripts date back to the height of Dame Joan’s career and are precious keepsakes which mark a very special time in her life.  They will be auctioned with the proceeds going towards the Dame Joan Sutherland Awards 2017.



As our members, you are probably aware of our struggle to secure sufficient funds to continue with the Dame Joan Sutherland scholarship program, a cause very important to us.


NFA believes that it is essential  to help classical music stay alive by investing in younger generations of musicians and performers. Money raised from these manuscripts would really help us financially and help to make sure the program continues into the future.


NB: The manuscripts may be  the subject of a silent auction during the Noosa Long Weekend. We will keep you informed.


Manuscripts for auction include:


Bellini’s La Sonnambula bought from W & G FOYLE Ltd, Charing Cross, England, reprinted 1945:  The Greig Album bought in Australia.:  Verdi’s Otello bought in Vancouver, reprinted 1944:  Friml’s Love Everlasting bought in Sydney:  Elgar’s Like to the Damask Rose bought in Sydney: Dvorak’s Gypsy Songs bought in Australia: Mozart’s ‘Tortures Unabating’ bought in New York.: Dvorak’s Songs My Mother Taught Me bought in Australia.