Afternoon Delights have been a delight

This is a series of popular afternoon lectures we started last year and will continue this year...

Michael Bradshaw

UQ Ph.D. student, Michael Bradshaw showed us how to 'read' music as a sentence, complete with full stops and commas. He is now studying in Hungary.

Brad Jarrett w' John and Suzi Smeed

Brad Jarrett pictured with hosts John and Suzi Smeed.

Brad Jarrett, Artistic Administrator of Opera Queensland (since resigned) gave us an insight into the mounting of an opera, including some saucy behind the scenes tales.

summer news 4Patrick Pickett, pictured left with our hostess, Lorraine Copley, told us the ins and outs of running an orchestra. He was in charge of the Australian Defence Forces music for 27 years before taking over the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. He now owns the Queensland Pops Orchestra.

Our first 2014 Afternoon Delight will be held on Friday 21st February, and our guest speaker will be Helen Lancaster, Ph.D, Acting Executive of the Queensland Conservatorium.

She will include tales of setting up Conservatoria in Mackay and Bangkok as well as the value and incredible investments made in musical instruments.

Our second Afternoon Delight on 21st March will be Ralph Cadman, who will tell his wonderful tales about opera.

Each event is held from 2.30– 4pm followed by afternoon tea and cakes and/or drinks.

Money raised from these functions goes towards the Dame Joan Sutherland Award which will be held on July 25, 2014 at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Hall as part of the Noosa Longweekend commencing at 5pm.

Money raised also goes towards purchasing instruments* for use by talented young students; School Incentives for Year 12 Graduates in all High Schools in the area valued at $300 each; the Rick Farbach Scholarship for a Young Jazz Musician valued at $600 at Immanuel College.

(*The Hofmann Pearl Flute, donated, Davidoff and Steiner cellos, Anne Bowyer cello, donated and a Fritz Kreisler violin.)

We have also purchased a Cappelini cello and a Primavera violin, both built in Cremona, Italy, the home of Stradivarius, and held for the Anthony Camden Fund which lends these instruments to promising professional musicians.

You have made all of this possible with your financial and moral support throughout the years.

No-one has to be a member to be a supporter, just someone who believes in what we are trying to achieve.

Remember, we are a unique organization. There is no other which offers so much to so many in so many different fields of endeavour.

Happy RevelersPicture Left: Happy revelers at a fund-raising party held at Mario and Judith Taverniti's home prior to Xmas. Judith is photographed on the right.

The legendary Evie Pikler sang for us at the party, backed by Stan May and his Reunion band.