Why do we supply instruments to schools?

Primavera ViolinsPrimavera violins on display at Musica Mondo, Cremona, Italy 2008 (pictured left)

Don't they have their own instruments?

The answer is, yes, they do, but, and it is a big but.

While schools try to keep their instruments in good nick, those same instruments suffer through wear and tear over the years. Put one in the hands of a talented young musician and that child could very well attribute the sound it makes to a perceived lack of talent on her part, and so she gives up music. And again, some parents with gifted children cannot afford to hire an instrument.

Enter NFA with our Schools Instrument Bank Programme. We enable a gifted child to play an instrument of a better quality, which she can take home for practice, and voila! The young musician blossoms.

On a better quality instrument children learn to appreciate the colour of the sound, how to produce that sound; it stretches their knowledge and flexibility of tone. Even the bow for a violin or cello can make all the difference to the sound they can produce.

And, it gives them confidence.