What to expect in 2014...

More delightful afternoons!

Helen Lancaster & Lilly CamdenOur first guest speaker was longtime friend Helen Lancaster, Ph.D. (pictured left with Lilly Camden)

Among other things, Helen spoke about her adventures establishing and running conservatoria in Central Queensland and Thailand, lecturing and examining in Hong Kong as well as guest speaking all over the world.

One of her passions is people who invest in instruments, a fascinating subject which also takes her around the world.

Now, as Acting Executive of the Queensland Conservatorium, she oversees everything to do with young voices.

Ed. note: Helen was teaching at the Con when I first met her. It was 1994 and NFA was meeting with the proposed judges of the first Dame Joan Sutherland Award Helen , Jillianne Stoll (nee Bartch), Professor Jan Delpratt, and Margaret Whiting. I can't believe that was 20 years ago!