Afternoon Delight No. 2

March 21st

Our second guest speaker is Ralph Cadman. Some of you may have attended his U3A lectures, others he may have taught to play Bridge. Indeed, Ralph is a man of many and varied talents.

Following is our press release for this upcoming event, a fascinating story.

"Ralph said that he grew up with a love of music, but no musical background. However, the gods were kind. He happened to live close to the Royal Albert Hall which he frequented often, enjoying the music made in this very illustrious place. He saw over three hundred Prom concerts there as well.

After retiring from the City of London as an investment director and lecturer he went to live in Spain. With his German companion, the two of them followed opera to fifteen countries in Europe, South Africa, Barbados and New York.

Ten years later Ralph sold his Spanish Villa and returned to London and occasional charity work. Six years ago he came to Australia and continued to work for charity. But his story does not stop there.

For the past two years Ralph has been a lecturer at U3A, talking on subjects as diverse as history, economics, on-line share trading and classical music, and weekly classes on Bridge and Opera. Ralph has an enormous collection of opera and aria DVDs which he uses in his lectures. He considers that Dame Joan Sutherland had one of the most fantastic voices and presence on the Opera stage, as did Pavarotti. His collection holds several DVDs and books on the Dame. Hopefully we'll be able to see and hear some".

For bookings call Pat Hahn on 5473 0809

We will schedule one or two more interesting Afternoon Delights between now and July 25. We will also hold a couple of fund-raising parties.