About Us

merton_chambersOne of the aims of the Noosa Federation of the Arts is to make Noosa a cultural destination by presenting high calibre international and national artists and performers. Also, to present events at an affordable cost.

Merton Chambers, founder of visual arts, pictured right.


In our early days, when money was more plentiful, we were able to present international performers in black tie dinner concerts at the Sheraton, some great names amongst them, Jane Rutter at the height of her fame being one. Believe it or not, quite a number of people like to get dressed for an enjoyable formal evening, and we catered for those people.

At the same time, we presented everything from annual jazz concerts, to grand opera, and theatre restaurant, and two major art exhibitions, all featuring the most elite artists of international or national standard. We were able to bring the Queensland Philharmonic Orchestra to Noosa on seven different occasions for the annual “Evening with Strauss” and other concerts. We had to cancel this annual event when we could no longer afford the skyrocketing performance fees. (The bulk of our audience would not have been able to afford the ticket price we would have had to charge to amortise the costs).

For a long time people had a misconception about the Noosa Federation of the Arts. Because of our objectives, we attract people as members who do their bit in making Noosa a more interesting place – a place which attracts visitors from both interstate and internationally. But we were perceived as catering to the arty clique, the wealthy – accused of being “elitists”. If anybody had bothered to read the true meaning of the word they would have discovered that we are indeed elite, and proud to be so. Elite means “the choice part - the best”. And this is what we are in the business of doing. There are many associations that can also be accused of ‘elitism’ – Noosa Music Society, the Noosa Gallery Society, the Cooroy Butter Factory – all dedicated to endeavouring to make a difference.
We are involved

in the Noosa Council's Sister Cities and Friendship Links Association and have initiated an art exchange between Nakagawara Junior High School students in Sumoto City on Iwaji Island, about 1 1/2 hours drive from Kobe on the Inland Sea, and the three High Schools in the Noosa Shire.

Also with the Sister Cities we are involved with the scintillating Uruguayan pianist, Carlos Balbi. He is here as a result of our imminent formalising of our first Sister Cities & Friendship Link – with Uruguay.

And on February 20th, as a member of the Sister Cities and Friendship Links Assoc, in conjunction with the Sunshine Coast English College we are arranging for a unique cultural event, a performance of traditional dance and music by a Korean troupe, being sponsored by Noosa Blue Resort and Ebb Bistro in the Conference Room at the Noosa Blue Resort.

I think you will find that the Noosa community will be exposed to more and more “other cultural” events as time goes on and the Sister Cities become more active.

As for our input, I truly believe that it is only because of the high standards we have set, and kept, that other associations entrust us with helping to present their functions. I am sure I speak for our members when I say that we are very proud of the reputation we have built since our inception over a decade ago.

We are entering the third year of The Dame Joan Sutherland Award, sponsored by Australian Water Services. This gives visitors and the people of Noosa the opportunity to see and hear five of the cream of Queensland’s budding young opera singers, for an outlay of $10! This stunning event is held every year in the Ballroom of the Sheraton Noosa Resort. This year, as last, it will be held on August 5th.

This year, at long last, we will be initiating the Rick Farbach Jazz Scholarship for young students at the South Pacific Resort Noosa

We have the task of administering 'Pawlonia Music and Arts Trust Fund" which was launched in September of last year at the "Pink in the Plantation" Festival, Cootharaba. This fund is for serious young artists to tap into.

And of course, the Noosa Federation of the Arts has been responsible for bringing those wonderful carol singers to Hastings Street every Xmas Eve for the last nine years. This was our last year with this magical group. We have handed this event over to The Hastings Street Association who will make it bigger and better in future years.